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Environmental Book Club

Foto: E. Guidotti
Foto: E. Guidotti
To all nature lovers and passionate readers: a new book club came to Hamburg! If you’re interested in reading and discussing books about the environment, biodiversity, climate change etc., come join our Environmental Book Club! 😊


The main language of the book club is English.


Every 4-6 weeks, we will read a new book and then meet in person to discuss it. Of course, you’re welcome to join our meeting even if you didn’t have the chance to read the book: at the beginning of each session, an introduction to the contents of the book will be provided.


There is also a messenger group to share and discuss interesting topics while reading the books. If you’re interested in receiving updates about the book club as well as additional reading recommendations, follow @ecobookclub_hamburg on Instagram or write an e-mail to Elisa:



Selection of books we already read:


Elisa Guidotti

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